Im Kampf Mit Dem Teufel / Struggle With The Devil

Released 12.03.21 on DSO Player , "Im Kampf Mit Dem Teufel" / "Struggle With The Devil", a new music film designed, collaged and animated by Ergo Phizmiz, in collaboration with the Deutsch Symphonie Orchester and director Frederic Wake-Walker. On 12 March at 8.30 pm, a new music film by the DSO will have its premiere. With 'Struggle with the Devil' (Im Kampf mit dem Teufel), director Frederic Wake-Walker and visual artist Ergo Phizmiz bring to expressionistic life the one-act operas 'Sancta Susanna' by Paul Hindemith and 'Slzy Nože' (The Tears of the Knife) by Bohuslav Martinů, as well as the contemporary orchestral work 'Sinuous Voices' by Ondřej Adámek. Through collages and animations rich in references and innuendos, in combination with footage shot both in the Green Screen Studio and in the Kleiner Sendesaal of the rbb in February, an associative visual world is opened up that is inspired by the 1920s and congenially presents both

"Elmyr" The new album by Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival

Out now on the marvellous Strategic Tape Reserve, "Elmyr" by Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival. Ltd Ed cassette and digital formats. 16 tracks, don't be lax. Strategic Tape Reserve is over the proverbial moon at announcing Ergo Phizmiz’s “Elmyr”, a 75 minute tape of premium avant-garde package holiday resort entertainment (also suitable for home listening). From wonky bleeps to modern classical, footwork to folk, spoken word to unspeakable words (often all in the same song), Phizmiz presents a total and all-inclusive pop, satisfying any and every urge that listeners might conceivably harbour, even in the deepest, least salubrious corner of their soul. Channeling the zombie holographic spectre of lurid 1990s leisure music, Spice- and/or Venga- Girls & Boys are conscripted into bizarre rituals played out poolside to sun-stricken tourists gorging orgiastically at a sprawling open buffet of mutated pop perfection. This fare is creamy, piquant, heavily-seasoned and guest vocal


You can't deny it, can you? The front cover for the new Ergo Phizmiz album "Elmyr" is a thing of great and deep beauty. The album, which features guest vocals from Depresstival, is released this month on the mighty Strategic Tape Reserve . Venga Airways all the way!

The Dimbola Mikado

"The Dimbola Mikado" - Quarantine spectacular by Ergo Phizmiz & Friends - Available to view until November 1st 2020 - THE DIMBOLA MIKADO from Ergo Phizmiz on Vimeo . Visit The Dimbola Mikado website to view a virtual exhibition, read the original script, sift through a miscellany of source materials, and

New pencil drawings

Shapes drawn in graphite sticks, then defined into forms by good old yellow'n'black.

Mighty Giant Pinky

OUT NOW on Strategic Tape Reserve MIGHTY GIANT PINKY Tribute Ugh  Yoing / Satanicpornocultshop A collection of music in memory of Ugh Yoing, the collage-composition and electronic music genius behind Satanicpornocultshop.  Curated by Ergo Phizmiz Limited Edition, 65 copies, cassette Get it here

Dimbola Mikado: More fun with photocopiers

New work for "Dimbola Mikado", created using realtime manipulation of images and mixed media across inkjet photocopier, silhouettes, and Victorian optical games. "Dimbola Mikado" premieres at Dimbola Lodge, former home of Victorian photographic pioneer Julia Margaret Cameron, mid to late 2020. Supported by Arts Council England, Dimbola Lodge, and Sound & Music's Francis Chagrin Award. Captain Speedy chaperones his bagpipes through the Victorian era Lewis Carroll Little Maids from School Little Maids from a school with good Ofsted The sun whose rays are all ablaze Captain Speedy plays music to the young prince Melancholy maids from school Arthur Sullivan in pursuit of the Lost Chord The rush of colonialism The sun's rays continue to be ablaze