New 3D and 2D works for "Dimbola Mikado"

Building top of the "computerless computer art" methods of the scanning-in-motion practices I've been experimenting with over the course of this productions' development, permit be to introduce you to a series of mainly 3D diorama mixing up this radical approach to image making with traditional collage, to create fragments and scenes of the story "Dimbola Mikado" will tell.

All images by Ergo Phizmiz, except Lionel Blair which is by Lottie Depresstival Bowater.

Dimbola Mikado will premiere at Dimbola Lodge, home of pioneering photographer Julia Margaret, in late 2020.

Click to enlarge. Dimbola Mikado is supported by Arts Council England, Dimbola Lodge and Onthe

The Town of Titipu

A Little Maid from School
Lionel Blair

Stravinsky and his favourite gelatinous musical egg

Opera Opera Opera


Frankie Howerd fends off Michael Winner in Aspic

Brexit Britain

W.S. Gilbert takes the plunge into Futurism

Three Little Maids from School



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