Dimbola Mikado: More fun with photocopiers

New work for "Dimbola Mikado", created using realtime manipulation of images and mixed media across inkjet photocopier, silhouettes, and Victorian optical games.

"Dimbola Mikado" premieres at Dimbola Lodge, former home of Victorian photographic pioneer Julia Margaret Cameron, mid to late 2020.

Supported by Arts Council England, Dimbola Lodge, and Sound & Music's Francis Chagrin Award.
Captain Speedy chaperones his bagpipes through the Victorian era

Lewis Carroll

Little Maids from School

Little Maids from a school with good Ofsted

The sun whose rays are all ablaze

Captain Speedy plays music to the young prince

Melancholy maids from school

Arthur Sullivan in pursuit of the Lost Chord

The rush of colonialism

The sun's rays continue to be ablaze


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