"Elmyr" The new album by Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival

Out now on the marvellous Strategic Tape Reserve, "Elmyr" by Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival. Ltd Ed cassette and digital formats. 16 tracks, don't be lax.

Strategic Tape Reserve is over the proverbial moon at announcing Ergo Phizmiz’s “Elmyr”, a 75 minute tape of premium avant-garde package holiday resort entertainment (also suitable for home listening). From wonky bleeps to modern classical, footwork to folk, spoken word to unspeakable words (often all in the same song), Phizmiz presents a total and all-inclusive pop, satisfying any and every urge that listeners might conceivably harbour, even in the deepest, least salubrious corner of their soul. Channeling the zombie holographic spectre of lurid 1990s leisure music, Spice- and/or Venga- Girls & Boys are conscripted into bizarre rituals played out poolside to sun-stricken tourists gorging orgiastically at a sprawling open buffet of mutated pop perfection. This fare is creamy, piquant, heavily-seasoned and guest vocals by Depresstival further pepper the Boschian beachfront bacchanal.


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