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Coming next month Droste Festival 2021: Dark Magic ALTARBILD HAVIXBECK A Heathen Catechism in Three Partitions by Ergo Phizmiz for Annette von Droste- Hülshoff   ALTARBILD HAVIXBECK is a triptych of sound/image/text pieces exploring the world of Annette von Droste- Hülshoff  in the format of a moving altarpiece.  Using her intense relationship with nature, her visionary imagination, and her religious convictions as thematic starting points, the work uses collage, animation, puppetry, and choreography, to create an impressionistic and expressionistic journey through Annette's deeply imagistic world.  With a central performance from autistic artist Lottie Bowater as Droste on the heath, Droste in her dreams, then in her final transformation into Asteroid 12240 Droste- Hülshoff , the piece mixes performance with montaged, sculpted and painted elements, infused with images directly taken from Droste's poetry.